Skin cancer is a type of cancer where malignant cancer will form in the tissues of skin. Skin is the prime organ of the human body system and accordingly, the cancer possibly will affect any part of the skin as well as spread from near. Double stemcell prevent abnormal cells that include the ability to occupy or spread to other parts of body.



[1] There are three most important types: basal-cell skin cancer (BCC), skin cancer (SCC) and melanoma.

[2] The first two jointly along with a number of not as much of ordinary skin cancers are well-known (NMSC).



Stem – cell- similar to cells that generate these 220 important stem cells at beginning the placenta is create in the core of mother as fit as child, who are produce inside it planned for the protection presently available stem cell bank.  Double stem cell using – cell baby position to stop any future accident or sickness can , but it may be now the individual for whom they have not create use of it planned for any added person life form can be. Double Stem cells from the curious apple are use to protector skin cell regeneration as well as therefore delay the beginning of wrinkle.



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